Christmas Holidays,<3

Can’t wait for the holidays! Grade 8 next year should be awesome. I already got my Christmas Prissie, a HUGE trampolin(((: twice the size of the a normal tramp && twice as bouncy. <3

But Grace has to get me a time machine for christmas because she didn;t for my birthday >:( haha (:

Should be a good year, 1011.


Friends :) :) :)

In our schools ‘ Skills 4 Life’ program, we have been watching the movie Cars to observe how Lighten McQueen was at the begging of the movie, to how at the end he had made friends with the other cars from Radiator Springs. After he ruined the road, Doc made him fix it. But after Lighten McQueen did a lazy job the first time, Doc made him scrap it up and do it again.

After he realises that he is making friends here, he started to get friendlier with all the cars there. Doc didn’t fall for this so he called all the other cars that were looking for McQueen. When they came to Radiator Springs to take back Lighten McQueen, no one had any idea of how they found him… but Doc.

McQueen went to compete in the race he had been preparing for, but wasn’t going so well. half way through the race he saw the Doc, Mac and all the others had come to help him in the race ( including Luigi and his friend.) But at the end the car that usally, and this was his last race, had a bad accident so before McQueen arossed the line, so he stopped and let the stubborncar win… He went back to the car that was hurt and pushed him all the way over the finnish line.

He ended up going back to to the sprinings, and putting it on the map for everybody 🙂

Things I Look For In A Friends:

1. Trustworthy

2. Loving

3. Doesn’t say things behind your back

4. Beautiful on the inside!

5. Will be there for me even the times are tough

Hippy Day :)

I didn’t dress up for hippy day but a few of my friends dressed up… I was surprized when Hennalee came to school in a gound long dress! Georgia looks heaps awesome, loving the knee high socks 🙂

:D xxx HaPpY

Loving the new songs right now! 🙂

Dynamite 😀 Taio Cruz! ……….

Free dress today 🙂 well, footy colours day but my friends and I are in free dress 🙂 hehe

My cat Oscarrrrrr is crazy 😛 xxx

Biancas house soon, sleepoverrrr 😀 xxx

Camp :)

Last week our 6/7 classes went to Woodfild Lodge for 2 nights. We went bush walking to a ‘waterfall’ , it took us 2:30 hours to get there and back. I loved the tramps! So fun!

We won the orienteering by heaps. It was actually quite funny. We also went to a camp fire on the first night and cooked marshmollows and damper , but I never eat marshmallows ( yuck ). The next night we walked up a hill. When up got to the we played spot light, there were 6 of us that ran up the side of the hill and hid at the top… Good times.

The cabins were so good ! We had a T.V but it wasn’t plugged in so we couldn’t watch it … But we had our own bathroom, kitchen and a other room where two other girls went in. It was so funny at night because we would all ‘ try’ to go to sleep, but it never worked! It was SO hard to get up in the morning when it was still dark in the room and the sleeping bag was still warm, to hard to hard.

It was pretty fun, I want to know where we are going next year cause the cabins just seem to get better and better…

Claire 🙂

5 Things i Have Learned This Term…

1. I learned that Thailand is a very interesting place to live, even got to cook some Thai food. And one of my friends are lucky enough to visit for 2 weeks!!!.. (Bring me back some pics Jess)

2. How to read notes in a treble cleff form….

3. And I learned alot about the Ancient Egyptains in a project we were doing


5. In maths I learned about perimetre and area.